Eyelash Extension FAQ's

What are lash extensions?

Imagine, no more mascara!  Eyelash extensions add fullness, definition, length, and curl to the lash line.  One eyelash extension is applied per single eyelash in traditional lashing; for "volume" lash extensions, multiple extensions are applied per single eyelash, thusly giving a more dramatic look.  Eyelash extension hairs can vary in length, thickness, and curl, as well as the materials used to make them.  Honeybloom uses nylon lash extensions which provide high durability and are vegan.  

What do eyelash extensions look like?

Whatever you want them to!!  Maria will examine your natural lashes and consult with you about your expectations from the treatment.  Do you want more thickness? More length? To look like you have mascara on?  To look like you have false lashes on? To camouflage drooping lids?  To lift lashes that never curl?  Based on your existing lashes and your desired look, Maria will create the most flattering and beautiful application.

Sounds Great! What about maintenance?

Fills or touch-ups are required to keep lashes pristine.  While how frequently you will need a touch-up varies, most clients return every 2-4 weeks.  During a touch-up, the lashes are refreshed and extensions are replaced as needed.  Several factors can make your lashes last longer.  Generally, it is best to keep freshly applied lashes dry (no water) for 24 hours, to avoid the use of oil-based products, and to avoid excessive rubbing around the eyes.  Enjoy the pleasure of waking up bright eyed without makeup!  Winking is especially encouraged!

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